Driver who Passed out at Traffic Light Convicted of DUI

DA Charme Allen announces that prosecutors in the DUI Unit obtained a conviction against a man who passed out in his vehicle at a traffic light.  Devin Williams, 32, was convicted of Driving Under the Influence First Offense.  Judge Scott Green set the case for sentencing on May 18.

In a one-day trial, Assistant District Attorneys Liza Guben and Sean Roberts explained to the jury that on May 24, 2021, Knox County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Dale Olumstad was at the Interstate 40 ramp onto Campbell Station Road when he saw Williams passed out in the driver’s seat of his car at a traffic light.  After several attempts, Sgt. Olumstad was eventually able to wake up Williams.  When Williams exited the vehicle, an empty beer can fell out of the car.  Williams was unsteady on his feet and failed field sobriety tests.

“DUI enforcement saves lives,” said DA Allen. “With all the ridesharing options that exist, driving under the influence and the danger it causes is completely preventable.”

Driving Under the Influence First Offense is a Class A misdemeanor that carries a punishment of eleven months and twenty-nine days where the defendant must serve a minimum of forty-eight hours in jail.  Williams will also have to pay a $350 fine, attend DUI school, and his license will be revoked for one year.  Assistant Victim Witness Coordinator Brittany Wilhelmson aided in the prosecution of this case.

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