Domestic Assault Defendant Convicted at Trial

DA Charme Allen announces that prosecutors in the Domestic Violence Unit obtained a conviction against a man who assaulted his wife during a contentious divorce.  John Mark Hall, 43, was convicted of Domestic Assault.  Senior Judge Kelly Thomas set the case for sentencing on March 6.

In a one-day trial, Assistant District Attorneys Joe Welker and Sean Roberts explained to the jury that Hall and the victim were going through a divorce.  In the early morning hours of June 13, 2022, Hall came to their residence off Beaver Creek Drive.  Hall and the victim began arguing about the divorce and about hidden cameras that Hall had placed in their bedroom. While arguing, Hall grabbed the victim and struck her with a belt.  He then took her phone and left the house.  The victim found an old phone and was able to charge it and call police.  Knox County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the scene and observed injuries on the victim.  A few days later, the victim went to the Family Justice Center to continue the investigation and receive victim’s services.

“Unfortunately, we see more warrants for domestic-related crimes than any other offense,” said DA Allen.  “This defendant will be held accountable thanks to the bravery of the victim.”

Domestic Assault is a Class A misdemeanor that carries a punishment up to eleven months and twenty-nine days.  Assistant Victim Witness Coordinator Marian Billingsley aided in the prosecution of this case.

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