Knox County’s DA Drops New Podcast Episodes

Generally Speaking, a true prosecution podcast hosted by the Knox County District Attorney General’s Office, announces a second batch of episodes.

Until now, each episode highlights a special prosecution unit and unveils what it is like to represent the State of Tennessee in the courtroom and community.  The new episodes wrap up the direct examination of prosecution units and introduce other complex topics like sentencing, mental health, and crime prevention.

“The Generally Speaking podcast provides the District Attorney’s Office with the opportunity to answer questions when we aren’t being asked,” shared Knox County District Attorney General Charme Allen. “In the podcast’s opener, we mention that the office oftentimes seems shrouded in secrecy due to ethical rules we must adhere to as prosecutors. We want to create and take advantage of every opportunity we can to build trust and be as transparent as possible with the community.”

The Office will release an episode each week starting on June 5, as a 6-part series.

Ep. 1: Elder Abuse Unit | Talk about it!

Tennesseans are talking about elder abuse! In this episode, Assistant District Attorney Tammy Hicks, tells us why. Take a listen so you can talk about elder abuse, too.

Ep 2: White Collar Unit | Don’t pass on a thief.

The reasons why people steal may surprise you. Hear from veteran white-collar prosecutor, Bill Bright, as he describes the sometimes unbelievable reasons why defendants find themselves charged with a white-collar crime.

Ep. 3: DUI Unit | Drunk, Drugged, or High…It’s All a DUI.

The classic DUI case has changed drastically over the past couple of decades. District Attorney General Charme Allen sits down with seasoned prosecutors, Andrea Kline and Greg Eshbaugh, who walk listeners through the many complexities of today’s DUI investigations and prosecutions.

Ep. 4: Mental Health Unit | The cross-section.

In this episode, District Attorney General Charme Allen speaks with Chief Deputy DA Sam Lee and Assistant DA Justin Pruitt about the cross-section of mental health and public safety.

Ep. 5: Sentencing | There’s a statute for that.

Sentencing and appeals do not get a pass from the complexities of the criminal justice system. This episode outlines sentencing guidelines as defined by State law and takes a look at real-world sentencing situations. Prosecutor TaKisha Fitzgerald and Victim Witness Coordinator Patty Boardwine outline their knowledge and experiences in dealing with the complex sentencing structures through their distinct roles.

Ep. 6: Community Affairs Unit | A front-row seat.

District Attorney General Charme Allen has invited the community to a front-row seat by deploying the Office’s first Community Affairs Unit. Listen in as District Attorney General Charme Allen and Community Affairs Director Emily Scheuneman discuss how the unit works to build trust in the community, and, ultimately, prevent crime and victimization.

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Listeners can also find Generally Speaking on the Knox County District Attorney’s website.