2022 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Kick-Off

The Knox County District Attorney General’s Office kicked off National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, April 24–30, with a ceremony to raise awareness about crime victims’ issues and rights and recognize the many agencies and community members who advocate on crime victims’ behalf. The event was held on Friday, April 22 at the Knoxville Family Justice Center and was attended by elected officials, advocates, law enforcement, crime victims’ rights and support groups, service agencies, community volunteers, and victims of crime.

Since 1981, NCVRW has challenged the Nation to confront and remove barriers to achieving justice for all victims of crime. During NCVRW, we celebrate the accomplishments of the victims’ rights movement and reflect on how far we have come. We all have a part to play in reaching crime victims, especially those in marginalized communities, and supporting them on their healing journey. The 2022 theme is “Rights, Access, Equity,” for all victims. The theme underscores the importance of helping crime survivors find their justice by enforcing victims’ rights, expanding access to services, and ensuring equity and inclusion for all.

“My office is committed to victims’ rights and will continue to provide the best possible support and service as survivors of crime seek justice for the offenses committed against them and their loved ones. National Crime Victims’ Rights Week gives us the opportunity to publicly show our support and to help give a voice to the voiceless,” shared District Attorney General Charme Allen.

Crime victims are our family, friends, neighbors, and community members. While we can never truly understand the depth of their trauma and the impact on their lives, we can ensure that are treated equally with dignity and respect. By enforcing victims’ rights, expanding access to services, and upholding principles of equity and inclusivity for all, we can enable crime victims to find the justice they seek, in whatever form that might take.

For more information about Crime Victims’ Rights, visit https://knoxcounty.org/dag/victim_witness_info/assistance_program.php.