2021 Year in Review Report

Fellow Knox County Citizens, 

I am proud to report on the variety of ways our prosecutors, victim/witness coordinators, criminal investigators, and support staff have served the citizens of Knox County in 2021.

Last year was challenging in many ways for our community. Unfortunately, we saw a dramatic increase in homicides and drug overdose deaths, while dealing with the impact of COVID-19. Fortunately, as a result of the continuous effort throughout my term in office to build well-trained, robust units to address violent and drug-related crime, we were prepared to begin trying cases as soon as the Tennessee Supreme Court allowed us to re-open for trials in mid-April. Out of the 58 trials in 2021, my Major Crimes and Career Criminal/Gang Units pushed 29 cases to trial, including 15 homicide and 5 attempted homicide cases. 

We continue to collaborate with state and federal agencies and commit manpower and resources to identify and remove dangerous, habitual criminals from our neighborhoods. These collaborations range from creating violent crime reduction strategies to prosecuting drug dealers whose drugs are driving the loss of life through overdose deaths. 

The safety of our community is my primary focus as we strive to administer justice. I remain inspired by my staff’s commitment and passion for serving our community, and it is my honor to serve as your District Attorney General. To read a copy of the 2021 Year in Review, please click here.

Charme P. Allen
District Attorney General
6th Judicial District